• In a moment of desperation, a young thug named Austin contemplates taking his own life because the knowledge he holds will kill him anyway. Through it all, Austin finds grace, love and salvation through the ultimate sacrifice that only Jesus can give him.

  • Michael Joiner (The Grace Card) stars as Dan Zebrowski, a suicidal ex special operative so tormented by his past that he shuns everything he once held dear - his faith and family. But when corrupt ATF agent, Anson Toller (Rodney Wiseman) attempts to kill Calli, his eldest daughter, (Vanessa Ore) he has to face the personal demons that are slowly destroying his life, before Toller can kill her. This gritty tale follows one man’s quest to rid himself of his past and find salvation in the gift of grace, power of faith and the love of family.

  • Putting his faith in God and finally learning to accept the help of his best friend, Ray Rogers, Mike Chastain embarks on a journey that, in the end, provides him with the kind of spiritual vision that easily outshines its physical counterpart.

  • In a world obliviously facing the end times, NSA agent Nathan Green struggles to understand what is happening to his own world as he uncovers a powerful secret that governments and otherworldly powers want desperately to remain hidden.

  • A song writer, on the run from a hit-man for unpaid gambling debts, masquerades as a Music Minister in a small town and finds everything he never considered: faith, love and redemption.

  • A new youth minister eager to make a difference sets out on mission trip to Mexico with a group of self-entitled teenagers. Chaos and a deluge of menacing trials plague their journey. This faith-based comedy will have you laughing as the teenagers are humbled by how wonderful their life really is.

  • An ill-tempered detective battles for the life of his son against a cunning magician, who uses the dark arts to deceive millions of teenagers into killing themselves.

Movie Ministry Outreach

Sunrise Recording & Film Productions, Inc. and A102 Studios have partnered in the mission to produce quality and innovative faith-based and family films that will inspire, entertain and share the good news of Jesus Christ with a world-wide audience.

Sunrise Recording & Film Productions, Inc. and A102 Studios believe that by producing films with integrity, secular and non-secular audiences alike will greatly benefit from the messages shared by a wide range of characters in numerous settings and genres, from comedy to drama to action / thriller.  By sharing God’s Word in a broad entertainment market Sunrise Recording & Film Productions, Inc. and A102 Studios will be able to accomplish many additional goals; such as financial support to sponsoring churches and to food banks which serve many unemployed, homeless and forgotten citizens in our down-turned economy.   As non-profit status does not allow churches to collect profits from box office and DVD sales; it is difficult at times for sponsoring churches to meet their financial obligations and other missionary goals. Therefore, the production companies involved in the film making process provide financial support via love offerings to the sponsoring churches.  The amount of offerings made to the sponsoring churches from these business entities and individuals is discretionary and tax deductible.

Our Partners