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Don Snellgrove, the founder of Sunrise Recording and Film Productions, Inc., doing business as  Sunrise Pictures, is very pleased to present to the world, a series of faith based movies that are sometimes inspiring but at other times, rather entertaining in such a way that will hopefully attract the non believer. This approach of reaching the non believer with the good news through media was the actual goal in the beginning of the company design.  The company from day one has intended to use media resources to reach the non believer with thrillers and action packed movies containing real life situations but also containing a message of the gospel woven within each film.   Don has always said, “Planting seeds of faith and hope in Jesus Christ is our job, then its God who will make the seed grow within a person.”

Many outreach ministries limit their outreach programs to traditional types of outreach.   When it comes to talking about God, what right do we have to determine if we should limit the gospel by not providing information through movies or any other source known to man?

A recent program that has been developed in the media that Sunrise will plan to help sponsor is the “ENCOUNTERS WITH CHRIST” TV program.  Recently, the program, in its test stage was shown in Pakistan and converted over 30,000 Muslims to Christianity.   The conversions have been verified by the letters received by the hosting pastor, Joyce Meyers, in the United States.

Regarding faith based and inspirational films; we plan to involve as many churches as possible to participate as host, congregation extras, church sites for scene shots and any other way possible to enhance the kingdoms growth.  Participating churches are included in the love offerings of the production company with goals to offer additional ongoing residual income to the hosting churches. Our hosting churches are never asked for money in order to host a movie.

If you are a pastor of a church that needs a blessing, please pray about this program and if it is something that God is leading you and your church to become participants of the Sunrise Pictures outreach ministry, then contact Sunrise Pictures at 904-783-1819 (marketing number).  You may also send an email to Don@SunrisePictures.co

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