Broken Faith

Michael Joiner (The Grace Card) stars as Dan Zebrowski, a suicidal ex special operative so tormented by his past that he shuns everything he once held dear – his faith and family. But when corrupt ATF agent, Anson Toller (Rodney Wiseman) attempts to kill Calli, his eldest daughter, (Vanessa Ore) he has to face the personal demons that are slowly destroying his life, before Toller can kill her. This gritty tale follows one man’s quest to rid himself of his past and find salvation in the gift of grace, power of faith and the love of family.

Broken Faith is a film about evil verses good and that redemption does reveal itself during the movie. The attempt to attract non-believers with a very secular introduction in the film is the hope of the Executive Producers, Frank Foster, Barbara Snellgrove, David Vercursse, and Don Snellgrove. The seeds of hope, faith and love in Jesus Christ are planted within the movie and the hosting churches, River Assembly of Life and Genesis Food Bank’s Warehouse Church favor the concept of reaching out to those who normally would never even attend a church. This faith based movie will hopefully remind or teach people without any faith that even though they are faced in everyday situations that require a struggle just to survive that they are not alone and hope, faith and love will help them to survive when the storms appear in their lives.

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