Andra Cross – Award winning Gospel R&B Artist – Full length CD for release
The Sound Ethics with Yazhin Moreno
Aracia – Heavy Alternative – 1st Demo
Our New Nation – VCU Punk Rock – 7 Song EP
NIYA – Hip-Hop Demos
Jade Jorani – Urban/R&B Vocalist
Katana Mantra – Heavy Alternative – 3 Song EP
MPIREDWIN – CD Re-Mastering
Black Fleck – Demo and Mastering Project
Joe Sarver & Russ Hanchin – Bass Player & Guitarist – Jazz Duet Demo
Bob Blagg – Jazz Guitarist – Demo CD Project
Linadge – Original CD Recording & Mastering Project
Chris Heatwole – Chris Heatwole
Andrew Mills – Acoustic Vocal Demo
Ashley Rutledge – Country Music Vocal Demo
Cooper Memorial Services – Remote on-Site Church Recording Project
Liberty Baptist Church – Drive Through Nativity Voice-Over Project

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