An ill-tempered detective battles for the life of his son against a cunning magician, who uses the dark arts to deceive millions of teenagers into killing themselves.
Ray Hammers, a dedicated detective protecting kids from sexual predators, is totally out of touch with his own kids. Ray has become a victim of the hardships of his job and has totally lost his faith to the point of claiming to be an atheist. His supportive wife is in an internal turmoil to practice what she believes, or succumb to her husband’s wishes of having nothing to do with God.

Ray is assigned the case of Grinald, a man who claims to have the powers of God and has become quite the Internet sensation. Claiming to be guided by angels, Grinald is directing millions of teenagers around the world through a series of horrific rituals in order to achieve “Godhood.” The department clear to the FBI is baffled as how Grinald is holding an almost hypnotic control over the kids. Once the teenagers start the ritual, they will stop at nothing to complete the steps, more often than not, resulting in their suicide.

The war hits home when Ray’s alienated son begins to follow the rituals, first carving a cross into his forehead, then slitting his own wrists to purge the bad blood from his body. No amount of discipline seems to stop his son from wanting to complete the steps and kill himself, thinking he can become Godlike. To add more fuel to the fire, Ray’s son runs away leaving Ray at a crossroads of hopelessness. Ray finds himself in a race for the life of his only son, and the lives of countless others from killing themselves where the whisper of God may be his only hope. Can Ray find his faith to stop an ancient evil in modern times?

“Deceiver” has the potential to reach a wide demographic from teens clear through adults that may be experiencing a losing war against technology corrupting our youth. “Deceiver” keeps pace with current social media and the growing goth/Emo trends, and the effect it can have on anyone. “Deceiver” will be a taut, thrilling experience urging us to keep a watchful eye on how Satan’s deceptions can manipulate technology at a faster rate than ever before without ostracizing the secular community from wanting to see this film.

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