Mickey Flanagan

A young , shy, graduate student, after making one terrible mistake, which costs him everything he loves, finds forgiveness and his heart again in the most unlikely place with a most unlikely angel – a mentally handicapped woman named Mickey Flanagan.

MICKEY FLANAGAN is a classic faith based family film with the wide appeal of “BLIND SIDE”, and “A WALK TO REMEMBER”. Truly, a story of belief and redemption and angels, the entire family can enjoy – of hope and humor and love and special challenges that are not only met – but rejoiced in and won!

A shy, young graduate student – TED ANGUS, who is supposed to be the designated driver for his group of best buds from college drinks and drives and gets in a terrible car accident where his best friend sustains a serious head injury and becomes partially paralyzed. The judge orders Ted to 6 months community service at a mental hospital “to see what people with severe head injuries go through with this kind of disability”. Full of shame and self loathing, on his first day Ted meets Mickey Flanagan – a lovable, clumsy, sweet woman with Down syndrome who immediately falls in love with him – and the beautiful elusive LORI – who is a Special Olympic volunteer with a surprising secret of her own.

BIG JOE, the strict and protective head of the womens’ dorm (a good man with a tarnished past) does everything he can to keep Ted away from Mickey and Lori but a uniquely innocent triangle love story ensues – while Ted learns to deal with the self hatred burning in his soul about the thing he can’t forgive himself for. This is a story of love and laughter and forgiveness, and the pure belief of God and heaven told through the eyes of a real life angel, the ever loving woman-child, Mickey Flanagan.

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