In a small church just outside of town a joyful choir rehearsal is taking place, when Austin, a 20 something thug, burst through the doors grabbing Jim, the music minister. Putting a gun to Jim’s temple, Austin drags him to the door just as the police come screeching into the parking lot. The standoff begins when Austin takes the choir hostage. As the police make plans to storm the church, Clay, the hostage negotiator begins to suspect that there is more to the story. Inside, Jim is more concerned with saving Austin’s soul than being rescued. In a moment of desperation, Austin contemplates taking his own life because the knowledge he holds will kill him anyway. In an effort to reach young Austin, Jim reveals the secrets of his own past before he gave his life to Christ. As Clay negotiates each hostage release he soon realizes that they each bear a Biblical clue. Austin finds grace, love and salvation through the ultimate sacrifice that only Jesus can give him. With his soul at peace it is up to Clay to save his life.

Bishop Paul Zink gives his thoughts on Surrender and Global Sunrise Pictures’ movies:

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