The Walls

Brandon Wyse/ David Vercruysse/ Sharon Wehr

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GENRE: Drama

LOGLINE: If you were an innocent man on death row, would you sacrifice your own life for someone who hated you?

“The Green Mile” meets “The Apostle.” The story begins with Caleb Simmons, a confused man trying to find his place in life. Caleb’s problems have just hit an all time low – he’s been convicted of a murder he didn’t commit. His sentence – death by lethal injection. Caleb is thrust into one of the darkest prisons in America… The Walls. The prison is run by the maniacal, fire-and-brimstone warden Karl Hill. Karl’s whole mission in life is to break every prisoner down to feeling that their self-worth is below an insect’s. Karl’s target is Caleb, intent on crushing his optimism that the real killer will be brought to justice—Karl has his hands full.

Caleb lives by every philosophy the world has to offer – except Christianity. That all begins to change when asked to confront his fears by the prison’s Chaplain—Chaplain Ryan. Ryan is a care-free, rock-n-roll preacher that smashes every stereotypical image of a layman. Caleb fights to keep his faith in the judicial system and not be “conned” into any belief in Jesus. Although Caleb begins to succumb to the “strangest” Chaplain he’s ever encountered. No matter what argument Caleb, or anyone practicing other religions on the gallery, throw at Ryan, he’s got an answer to them all…

As the hour glass on Caleb’s life begins to pour out – his patented optimism fades into despair as acquaintances slowly leave for execution. Caleb’s trials and tribulations turn into a great country song: Caleb is denied a retrial in the Appellate court. The woman he was falling in love with, his attorney, no longer believes he’s innocent. The Warden vehemently cuts Caleb off from his loved ones on the outside. And Caleb has managed to distance himself from the one man trying to bring him to the light… Chaplain Ryan. Things couldn’t get any worse…

…They do. Caleb finds the killer that could set him free… HIS OWN BROTHER THAT HATES HIM!

“The Walls” will bridge the gap from just “another” Christian film to appeal to all audiences. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll live life inside the haunted walls of death row… and you’ll be confronted with answering the ultimate question… would you lay down your life for someone who hates you?

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